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Friday, February 26, 2010

Prayers of Reconciliation

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By Manfraco Laws and Fra Mench

These are my prayers for the future world order,

Written in the name of God, including, Reconciliation of the Universe,

Since this angel has greeted me so!

Prayers of Reconciliation I am calling these writings, since I could not find any better names to describe what I want to say and achieve with these writings.

I feel deep within me that I have to write these religious writings, because of those things that have happened to me and I believe that those things have happened for a reason.

(These religious writings are my personal prayer to our Heavenly Father God Most High of the universe, in the hope that God would hear my prayers and in his mercy He would guide me and let me be his humble servant, and so be able to write these religious writings according to his magnificent and just will.

And finally I pray that God would grant me in my hours of need my earthly requests.)



Angles of the realm of glory,

You tell for ever the eternal story,

You sing about the Creator glory,

You tell the wonders of God’s creation.

We all sing glory to God Most High.

God’s heavenly angles say in the sky.

They sing for God their lullabies.

They sing glory to God Most High.

Glo-o-o-o-o o-o-o-o-o o-o-o-o-o o-o-ria

In ex-cel-sis De----------o.


These religious writings have been started purposely the way above to attract the attention of the readers; so that, any reader can understand at a glace what they can find in the pages of these religious writings. They are the preamble of the religious writings, which are going to be written hereunder, and they show clearly that these writings will be talking about God our heavenly Father, and religion and lots of other heavenly things, and this is mostly what you will find written within the pages of these writings, since they mainly will speak about God and heaven and what’s there within.

I firmly believe that I am writing in God’s name, not only because of what I have heard and seen, but also because I believe that only the existing and active God life force can lead anyone like me to write about religious things, even though they are so hard for me to write. And from the bottom of my heart I hope that my religious writings could one day serve God and help humanity understand God’s will, or at least improve the knowledge of what’s known today.

Of course we are all earthly human beings, and because we are earthly human beings there are unavoidable earthly things to be discussed, and therefore, they will have to be discussed here within these writings also; but they are going to be only those things that with God and heaven link, so, I will try hard not to write any other earthly things that is not part of religious things.

So, to whosoever will read my writings, God will help them to understand and believe in the right things, since God is greater than anybody thinks, as He is beyond any human understanding.

So, please drop every earthly thing from your mind and listen just for a moment for your own sake, because this is the good news for all human beings. You see God is offering us the most beautiful thing in the world, since God is inviting us to save ourselves forever, if we willingly try to find our own way on how to go back to Him. Therefore my dear reader and believer, it follows that if one wants to live a good earthly life, and then live the eternal heavenly life in the presence of God , one must believe in God and follow God’s ways, so one must try to do what God wants one to do all the time; which is that one must try to be in touch with God life force all the time, and if one wants to be in touch with God life force, one must be pure at heart, and even that might not be enough; but there is certainly one way, and that way is that we should ask God for forgiveness of our sins, and then we should pray God, pray and pray, because to be in touch with God life force it’s the only known and sure way.


Angels say

You ought to pray to Our Father Most High,

God's heavenly angels would tell us from the sky,

Pray and tell Father what would be your heart desires?

So Father could decide what would be your supply.

So, I've prayed to Our Father God Most High,

Father of the entire world that guides the universe,

Let there be an angel from the realm of glory,

That would guide me to tell your eternal glory.


And then one day I had a real surprise, because my prayer above was really answered:

Incredible as it may seem this event really took place and even surprised me, because while I was going to the local shops one very late afternoon just before sunset, I saw three persons that I had never seen before on the footpath which I was walking on, they were fully dressed in simple tidy everyday clothes even though it was summer, and in summer most men here ware shorts, while women ware flimsy clothes to keep cool. Looking back at this event it seems to me that these three persons were waiting for me to pass near them; and as I was approaching them two of them a man and a woman started walking towards me leaving the other man alone, so that I had to walk between them to keep going to this shop, they had to be from heaven, because what the man left alone on my left said to me no human being on earth could ever have known at that time.


One of these angels said to me with a courteous jest.

But I was terrified from this sudden happening and moved away from them in fear.

About this supernatural happening I will describe to you later on, in a more detailed way, in a special place within these writings, where it would be easier to understand why this happened to me, since in that position it will make more sense to the readers. For now I want only to say that this apparition is what really pushes me to continue to write these religious writings, since this is for me the proof of the existence of a higher intelligence in the whole universe and the proof that we are not alone.

Prayers of Reconciliation



What follows here now has been born from the need of circumstances, so, let me inform you my dear reader that for a long time I kept this supernatural happening to myself, because when these unusual things happen and you tell someone they think you are going crazy. Therefore I had to think it over many times whether I should tell anyone about this supernatural and unbelievable happening, because what I saw and heard then could only make sense to myself and nobody else, but in the end I came to the conclusion had to tell at least my most trusted friends, just to see what they thought and what their reaction would be to this happening, and find out what they would advice me to do about this personal and supernatural happening of mine.

After telling them what had happened to me, and also what I had been writing at the time, they were speechless for a little while, as they didn’t believe themselves what they had heard from me, perhaps they were thinking that I was half crazy, because what I was telling them seemed unreal and only a mad man could say such things, therefore they had to think first what to say to me, as they seemed very concerned about my mental health.

They came to me asking all sorts of questions which seemed to test my mental capacity to the limits, they were worried about me and they said so, they were worried because what I had said to them didn’t make sense; but after asking all those questions and satisfying themselves that my mental health was good they consulted again.

After consulting among themselves for a while they came back to me and said;

If you really believe in what you have seen and heard to be true, and you have not dreamed it or invented it, but really it has happened to you, then, we believe you no more questions about that.

Now, from what you have said this question arises; what are we supposed to do about this supernatural happening of yours? There is no real clear answer to this question, perhaps one could say that, you would be bound to do something about it, and indeed it would be your duty as a good citizen to let the world know about this supernatural unbelievable happening; you see these things may have happened to you for a reason.

While we are saying this to you and encourage you to do something about it, we are also a bit worried whether it is the only way to go, so it is up to you.

I said to them, although I feel it within myself that I have to do something, for me it would not be easy to tell the world of this happening and make the world believe that it had really happened to me, see how long it has taken me to convince all of you! I feel that the world at large may not accept my story easily ether, and beside that, I am not a good writer and what I need to tell them would be hard to explain even for a good writer.

My friends consulted among themselves for a long while, I think they were still worried about my mental health because what I had told them didn’t make completely sense to them, so, they were doing this just to keep an eye on me, and they were looking for a solution that they would be able to keep an eye on me every now and then, finally they came back to offer me this solution, and Mark one of them said to me:

Fran, (that is the name that they have always called me) we know that for you would be very hard to write all these things that we have talked about, but we believe that it would be a good thing if they are written anyhow, so that this knowledge that came to you from the other side is now lost.

Now, because you don’t seem to feel sure about yourself, we, (that is me and Gino here) are ready to help you in any way possible, as we feel within our hearts that you need some help to encourage you to write those writings and we are here to help you.

Then my lifelong friend Mark said to Gino: Would you be ready to help Fran, Gino?

And Gino said yes.

This is how I accepted to write these religious writings with the help of my friends.

So now, I am going to call on my friends to have a good talk about these writings.

Before I call this meeting with Mark and Gino, let me say a prayer of reconciliation to Our Heavenly Father, so that I would become inspired and worthy to write these religious writings, I hope to write them with the help of my friends of course.


The face of God according to Michelangelo


Almighty and merciful Father, to you I turn Father-Most-High praying with all my heart, my soul and my mind earnestly; I am praying and hoping that in your mercy you would forgive me all my life sins, and that you would make me spiritually clean of any impurities that may effect my soul; so that, I would become worthy to pray and be heard and worthy in your eyes to be your humble servant.

Father, hear my prayer and bless me! Amen.


So, here I have a question to ask to anyone that reads these writings; should anyone of you take sides in this important debate.
Which side you think is more important for the welfare of humanity?
Let us know what you think?

You are all invited to take part in these writings and please, write to us and let us know what you think about it all.

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If you disagree with what is being said here, it would be better for everybody if you write your own views on the subject and leave my writings alone, as you may know what you do to others one day the others will do it to yourself.

Now I have to temporarily stop to write anything else, So may God bless those who are willing to follow him; And for those who don’t believe in God and want to harm those who believe let the will of God prevail, and let God deal with them in whatever ways God sees fit to deal with them.

God and man are made for each other;