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Friday, March 19, 2010

Prayers of reconciliation, second meeting


Prayers of reconciliation
Prayers of reconciliation, second meeting

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Angels of the realm of glory, you tell us the wonders of God's creation.


Two weeks after the first meeting we had another meeting, I was hoping that by now my friends Mark and Gino would bring good news, and that they would be more helpful by accepting my way of thinking, but it was not going to be my way. In fact I wanted to submit my prayer above, but I didn’t have the chance, therefore I still don’t know whether they will approve it or not, but anyhow let us go back to the meeting.

They came together with another friend called John, but as soon as they saw me they grew serious and they didn’t seem to be their usual self, as they are usually happy when we meet together, so, I guessed that I had given them a burden which at the present time seemed to upset them a bit.

So I asked them; what’s the matter my friends? Why aren’t your usual self happy? You seem very grave to me is there anything that is upsetting you my friends?

No, nothing is upsetting us accept the news that we are bringing you, (they said) which is not exactly what you would like to hear, you see we have been talking to a few people about what you would like to do, we did not tell them about your supernatural encounter, as we agreed with you that we should not talk about it with outsiders, so, we talked only about what you have intention to do, like reviewing the Bible or something of that sort, the outcome of these talks left us concerned as there is no way to know what people think, so now we are even more concerned than when we started asking those questions, so, we are here to show you what we mean.

Mark, Gino and their Friend John seemed a bit upset about what they were still going to say to me, so, I tried to put them at ease.

Well, (I said) I thought that this outcome was likely to happen, because people usually don’t like to think for themselves difficult matters and religion is perhaps the most difficult of them all, so people keep doing and believing what they have been thought to do and believe, as this is for them the easy way out, but really I believe that for sure there is another unexplored way and I would like to find it out.

Tell me a bit more about this exploration of yours: Did most people give you negative comments about what I would like to do? Or, did they also have some positive comments? If they did both what percentage were they?

Well, they seem to be about half of them, so 50% could be the right figure. But this is not all, because some of them that didn’t like your idea come on very strong, so we thought that it would be good for you to hear this first hand from our fried John, as John is one of them and really what he has been saying make sense to us.

Now if you agree we may hear what John has to say?

OK I said let John speak.

And this is what John said.

John’s speech

Dear friends you know already why I am here.

As you all know I have been following up a few religions for a while, just to find out whether to be religious is the right thing to do, and if it were the way to go, which one of these existing religions could be the right one for me?

As you all know in this part of the world most religions are Christian in origin and they have sprung from the Bible in one way or another.

After having studied them I came to the conclusion that they are more or less the same, so, I dare say that perhaps the best thing for anybody is to stay with the religion your parents have thought you, but really it is up to you what you want to do.

Now, let me come to today task; Mark and Gino here have come to me and told me about what Fran (me) wants to do and as a believer I am concerned about it, so I am here to talk about these concerns of mine, in order to help you to make the right decision.

Recently in a religious group we had a discussion on Revelation, a few members were not happy about these great tribulations and other things expressed in Revelation, so they were looking for another way out that would be less demanding on humanity.

To cut a long story short one of the members who was there pointed out that we could do nothing about it, as the Bible itself says that it can’t be changed; so he took the Bible and read the very end of Revelation which says this and I quote:


John took his Bible and read.



22-16- I Jesus, have sent my angel to make these revelations to you for the sake of the churches. I am of David’s line, the root of David and the bright star of the morning.

17- The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come’. Let everyone who listens answer, ‘Come’. Then let all who are thirsty come: all who want it may have the water of life, and have it free.

18- This is my solemn warning to all who hear the prophecies in this book: if anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him every plague mentioned in the book;

19- if anyone cuts anything out of the prophecies in this book, God will cut off his share of the tree of life and of the holy city, which are described in the book.

20- The one who guaranties these revelations repeats his promise: I shall indeed be with you soon. Amen; come, Lord Jesus.

21- May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with you all. Amen.

(End of quote from Bible)

This is how, The Jerusalem Bible, ends.


Now, let me go back to the meeting with Mark, Gino and John:

When John closed the Bible and said:

Now you can see for yourself why I was much concerned and wanted to let you know how I see these religious things.

Therefore, know that I have said what I wanted to say I feel better already, because the decision is yours if you want to go ahead and do what you want to do, or hear and heed the warning and stop just like everybody else has stopped for about 2000 years.

My answer to John:

I know, ‘I said to John’, your warning from the Bible sounds threatening indeed, so, I will take it into consideration and thanks for the advice you gave me.

It looks like now that before I do anything I will have to learn a lot more about this warning you gave me and I will not rush into anything: but anyhow let me talk it over with Mark and Gino here to see what they think about it.

Then I turned to Gino and Mark and asked them: What do you think about this Bible warning? I would like to hear your opinion on this subject now.

Mark’s reply:

Well, what John has brought up sounds very serious to me, and I dare say that perhaps you Fran have to moderate most of your ideology, so that it does not change anything that is said in the Bible, in a way that it contests the Bible scriptures; look Fran a lot of generations have gone past and they all have accepted the bible just the way it is, so I don’t know why you see it in a different way.

I would like to suggest that we study first the Bible a bit longer before you do anything about it; what do you say to my request? Would you agree to study the Bible with us for a while yet before you make any decision?

We all said yes to Mark’s questions saying, we agree with you that we need to study more before we do anything.

Then I added, but I would like to know also what Gino personally thinks about John’s warning and everything else? So, Gino tell us what you think about this present discussion? I am sure that you have your own way of seeing these religious things.

Gino’s reply:

Well, I agree with Mark that we should really study the situation before we do anything; I want also to say that I was partly surprised about the way of John’s interpretation of the Bible, I think that there may be another meaning to this sinister warning. What makes me think this is the way which Jesus’ angel tells the writer what to write; and it is also the way it is said, I have always believed that Jesus was a very amicable person: but here his message through the angel sounds very harsh and he issues threatening warnings, he seems completely changed; So I say that there are several meanings in those writings, and I would say that we should investigate and proceed with caution.

Me to Gino- Gino! What do you mean by proceed with caution?

Gino to me- What else can you do? You can’t rush things in a situation like this. You may have to read the Bible once or twice more from the beginning until the very end; or at least all the new Testament to find the meaning of what has been said, and then and only then, you may be in a position to decide what to do.

Mark said- Fran, I believe Gino is right and we should not rush things, take your time man! There is plenty of time to do what you want to do.

Then if it is God’s will that you have to write these religious writings, God will make sure that you will find enough time and also the right way how to do it?

Now, since we have already spent a great deal of time on this religious task, I suggest that we adjourn the meeting for another time. So, let us enjoy ourselves the usual way before we have to depart our own way, okay?


This is how our second meeting ended:

Today I am still wondering which way to go, so, to anyone who reads these writings I would appreciate very much if you comment on them.

Especially comments about how the Bible ends, since this could help me decide which way I should proceed?
Prayers of Reconciliation
Prayers of Reconciliation, second meeting
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Prayers of Reconciliation, first meeting


Prayers of Reconciliation
Prayer of reconciliation first meeting
These religious writings can also be found at this blog address: http://manfracoreconciliations.blogspot.com/

You are invited to browse and take part in the discussions that follow.

You, angels of the realm of glory,
You tell us about the eternal story,
You tell us about the creator's glory,
You tell us the wonders of God's creation.


At the first meeting Mark, Gino and three other friends came as they had promised, at the beginning of this meeting we were all behaving just like children, we all wanted to push above all our own views without listening to each other, so I thought that the meeting was going to be just a waste of time. But then, my friend Mark soon became aware of my feelings and he said; Look the way we are going about is not going to get us anywhere, and since we are here to help Fran, then, let Fran be the one that talks first. After he states his views we will have plenty of time to state our own views.

So, there and then, I had to put my very mixed thoughts into words, and I didn’t even know how to start, as confusion was on my mind, not because I was really confused, but because what I wanted to say was so complex, just because what I was aiming to achieve in these future writings I had in mind was complex, but in the end I said:

My dear friends, I can feel within my heart that you are my friends indeed, because you have come forward to help me on this very difficult decision that I am facing. Now let it be understood before we start that this task of mine is not going to be easy for anyone of us to achieve, so if you still want to help me to succeed in writing my religious theory, first of all I will have to tell you why it is going to be hard.

First of all, what I have in mind to write is going to be a very controversial subject, so there will be lots of people that are not going to agree with my views and if you are my helper they are not going to like you for helping me. So you better consider that for your self is that understood?

Having warned you of what might happen to us all, now I feel free to say how I see this unusual situation and try to reason what can be done. I believe that it really takes a few very wise people to be able to begin solving this problematic situation, and whether the existing situation could and would be solved nobody knows. So this question arises; are we going to be wise enough to solve it?

So let me talk a little about Wisdom, which is something that has just come to our minds and we are going to need so much.

My views about knowledge and wisdom:

Wisdom is the mental capacity of a wise person, whom when confronted with a problem is able to solve it better then the average person.

His/her wisdom is usually an accumulated knowledge of all those events that this person has lived during his/her life; therefore this wise person is capable somehow of using this accumulated knowledge, and when a problem arises he/she would be able to solve it better than the others.

I don’t know exactly why one wise person becomes wiser than somebody else, even though they might have lived most of the same events together, so, I guess that some people are better able to assimilate their knowledge, perhaps by storing it at the highest level in their own mind and when the need arises use this accumulated knowledge.

Since wisdom (accumulated knowledge) may be stored at one level higher that just reason, it may seem and feel like a sixth sense to the wise man that has it. So, I would say that the wise man would use reasoning just to back up his wisdom.

There is also a small possibility that the wise person may be able to tune into the cosmos, which is thought that it may be able to store the entire accumulated knowledge of everything just like God, this thought of course gives rise to this question.

Is the cosmos an integral part of God of the universe? Well it may be part of God.

But here we are talking about wisdom and not God. So the definition of wisdom and where it comes from may still remain a mystery to most of us, but that does not matter because we can use wisdom our accumulated knowledge to achieve our goals. Therefore we are going to use our accumulated knowledge, which together with our logic reasoning may be able to come close to achieve our goal. And now that the time has come for us to do something about it, I see that there is a time for everything and let me state it clearly, so that we may understand better the situation.


My dear friends, let me say just a few more words about this present time: I believe and I am sure that most people would agree with me that there is a time for everything; here I mean that things may change continually and what today seems just perfect as it is, tomorrow may seem completely out of place, therefore, some adjustment would be required to make it good again.

But now let me go back to the facts that I was telling you in the beginning, because this may be why that supernatural event happened to me.

Even before the supernatural encounter that I have mentioned before took place, I was aware that the world’s religions clashed with each others in many ways, and that it was indeed time for somebody somehow to come up with some new ideas on how to fix those differences, in order to make the world a better place to live in. So, I was thinking and asking myself, what anyone could possibly do to improve this unrealistic damaging religious situation.

In order to understand the situation better and for my own good, I did some research and read a few religious books, and after thinking a lot about what I had read, by pure logic of reasoning I came to my own conclusion of the existing situation, and therefore I formed my own beliefs.

Here I want to point out to you that I have reached my own conclusion by pure logic of human reasoning, and I want also to say this, I believe that we (the human race) are now ready and able to understand our own religious situation better than before, and therefore, we are able to do some thing about it, as we are now advancing rapidly in all fields of learning, thanks to the computer and other electronic devices that bring knowledge to the people at large. So the people in general are now entering the age of knowledge and REASON, and everything that in the future will not be able to stand to our logic benevolent human REASON or reasons, which is the scrutiny of all aspect of life and beliefs will be rejected by humanity.

Now, having reached this stage of understanding, I was looking for some signs or news that humanity was doing something about it, in order to rectify this religious problem; but I was shocked to see that nobody was doing anything worthwhile which would be able to improve the situation.

So, I came to the conclusion that perhaps I should be doing something myself, and having this in mind I started to write a few articles just for myself to see if I could come up with any good ideas on how to achieve something useful, therefore I had already writing some of my own religious beliefs when that supernatural encounter happened. Perhaps it was just because I had written those religious writings that encounter happened.

You may ask why I started writing them. And I will tell you that deep within my heart my soul and my mind I was feeling that I had to do something about my religious beliefs, because in my mind eyes I felt as if I was called to write them.

Here I am not going to be able to write all the reasons why I am writing this paragraph but what I would like to say is that in a way the human race has left it become overdue, even though at the same time one may say that humanity is advanced so much and we have reached the age of reason.

My dear friends let me ask you this:

Do you think that by pulling our knowledge together and working together we would be able to improve on the present situation?

And if you think that it is worthwhile to try, how should we do it?

Now you can have your say whenever you are ready.


After a long talk considering what I had just said Gino came to me and said: We understand now why you are slow in accepting our help, but really we are so much interested in your writing project that we are ready to help you.

We have been thinking that just to make things easy for everybody involved, we have decided that I (Gino) and Mark will speak for all our friends when we think that you should know our views. So that it would be easier for you to keep records of what is being said, because if you are really to write this theory, which you have in mind, you need to keep records of everything that is being said.

Then I said: I agree with you that I have to keep records otherwise I will get lost in the jungle of all what is being said to me.

And they kept talking to me for another hour at least, and as we were talking they realized that the only way for me to achieve in my writings what I wanted to achieve was to modify existing religious beliefs, here I want to point out that I only was saying to them that they need to be modified in my writings and not changed, but they became really concerned and shocked from this necessary change, for them it seemed that perhaps I had lost my mind, because they have always believed in the way they had been brought up according to the Christian teaching; so they asked me:

Don’t you think that believing in anything else other than what is written in the Bible would be a sin? And you seem to move away from the Bible teachings?

We are a bit worried about this aspect of your beliefs, so we would like to hear how you are going to explain your beliefs in such a way that they would still be agreeable to God and the rest of the community?

I know it is not going to be easy, I said; and for this reason I am thinking hard what to say or do next.

And they kept talking and asking questions like the following.

If you have in mind to read and review the Bible, what parts of the Bible do you have in mind to review?

We believe that first of all you ought to make sure what you want to say or do, because we see it could even be a bit dangerous to do and say what you want to do and say.

Therefore, we council you to pray God for guidance and for help first of all, Mark and Gino said, because you are really going to need a lot of help and acceptance from above to succeed in your attempt about writing this theory of yours.

Then the meeting was adjourned, as we had spent too much time already on this matter, I was feeling tired and so were my friends, and everyone went to his own home to rest.

That night I started really thinking whether to pray God for help, and how I should pray God in order to be allowed by God to write my theory my own way.

Before I say and write my prayer, I want the reader to know that the prayers within this book will be prayers directed only to God, as God is the highest and most holy of all existing entities, therefore to pray to anything else will not make sense.

My prayer:

With my concerns I come to you praying Father Most High, Master of the universe and eternal life giver of all living things, I am praying thee for forgiveness of my sins and reconciliation to thy eternal life force, I am praying in the hope that my prayers would be heard and accepted and be your humble servant and serve you.

Deep in my heart there is this force that drives me to write my religious beliefs, so, I am praying you Eternal Father that you would inspire me and help me, so that I would be able to write those religious writings according to your will.

Father, hear my prayer forgive me my sins and bless me, so that I can be your humble servant and serve you by writing those religious writings. Amen.


Next time with, The second meeting.


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